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110 Passionfruit Coconut
120 Strawberry Melon
130 Raspberry Peach
140 Cherry Lime

Fruit Fetish Lip Oils

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Keep It Full Maxxx Balmshell Lip Plumping Balm


Flora Tinted Lip Balm

$7.19 $7.99
110 Lustful
120 Fantasy
130 Lingerie
140 Crave
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Color Fetish Balm Lipstick

110 Mango Coconut
120 Strawberry Lemonade
130 Dragon Fruit Peach
140 Blueberry Acai
+ 2 More

Fruit Fetish Lip Balm


Rose Transforming Lip Balm


Supercharged Lip Balm


Green Goddess Transforming Lip Balm


Avocado Clear Lip Balm

$7.20 $7.99